The book “Beware Which Wolf You Feed” is the second book of this incredibly popular author, written in a style that has already become recognizable and is simply easy to read. The thrill by those who have had a chance to read it, as well as numerous positive reviews, comments and reactions among the broader media public is the best recommendation for this book to become a bestseller and a true Balkanic classic.

The book is written in a simple language, full of positive and useful advice that create a peculiar form of instant motivation that will make you read it in one sitting, but also take pleasure in going back to it over and over again, always finding on its pages, viewed from different angles, answers to the most important of all questions.

Brilliant and unusual stories that are easily remembered and retold, a marvelous beginning that will totally intrigue you and an effective ending that will make you contemplate long after you finish reading it are only some of the reasons why this book is simply irresistible and why you will want to share it with others, as a sincere and cordial gift.

Happiness is a rare thing that multiplies when shared.

This is a book about happiness.

How to find it, pursue it and retain it in our lives permanently.

This is a book that can make you happy by merely reading it.

Try it!

The book will be officially released on 1 November 2015.

The publishers are Dobra knjiga Sarajevo and Data status Beograd.

You can buy the book at a very reasonable price on-line and in all well-equipped bookstores throughout the Balkans.

Make sure you get a copy of your own!

Make this book a gift to your loved ones, as a way of wishing them the thing they desire and need the most – wishing them, and yourself, HAPPINESS !!!