Kenan Crnkić is the author of Balkanic bestsellers about success and happiness.

Within only 10 days from its publishing, his first book “7 Secrets to Success”, as a practical guide to success, has tracked record historical sales in the country, become an ultimate hit and gained a bestseller status. It is interesting to note that within only a year, this book has seen its 10th jubilee edition, as well as translation into several foreign languages.

The book with a symbolic title “Beware Which Wolf You Feed”, is the second book of this incredibly popular author, written in a style that has already become recognizable and is simply easy to read while creating at the same time a peculiar form of instant motivation and satisfaction. This is a book about happiness. How to find it, pursue it, and retain it in our lives permanently.

He holds a PhD in Economics and is a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo. He was educated at several universities in the country and abroad and successfully completed a specialized diploma study at prestigious Harvard Business School, the United States of America.

In practice, Dr. Crnkić successfully held senior executive positions in both private and public multimillion-dollar companies.

He has published a number of expert and scientific papers, a university book in the domain of strategic entrepreneurship, as well as an international monograph published in English and Spanish, in cooperation with Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

He has become a renowned and highly regarded expert in national and international circles, holding a number of seats in boards, advisory and expert committees, including his current position of Vice President of the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

His extraordinary accomplishments have won him a number of prestigious awards and recognitions; the most relevant include Business Person of the Year 2006, Manager of the Decade for the Southeast and Central Europe in 2010, and a special prize awarded in 2012 by the Socrates Committee with the seat in Oxford, Great Britain, for his special contribution to science. He was awarded the Golden Charter “Linus Pauling“ with Plaque and Golden Badge by the International League of Humanists in 2013 and many others.

He continuously appears, primarily in the mission of promoting the phenomenon of success and happiness, as a noted speaker in almost all major media and symposia in the region, effectively conveying the key findings, messages and advice in a distinctive, often unconventional, a simple yet very inspired way. His weekly blogs and motivating contents are daily followed via the website or popular social media and channels by 100,000 people and fans of various profiles. For all that, Kenan Crnkić may rightfully be perceived as one of the best known and most influential names in the broad business and academic arenas of Southeast Europe.

He was born on 7 August 1977. He is married and has one child.