Balcanic bestseller, the book “7 Secrets to success” that, as a practical guide to success, has become an ultimate hit, tracked record historical sales, and within 10 days from its publishing gained a bestseller status and within only a year seen its 10th jubilee edition, as well as translation into several foreign languages. Discover by yourself why and apply these secrets to your success!


“I keep six honest serving-men (they taught me all I knew); their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.”

Rudyard Kipling

What ?
This is a small, pocket book, titled 7 Secrets to Success – a simple and practical guide for your success! Many people have already read the book in one sitting. Become one of them!

Why ?
Because success is possible if we practice the basic principles applied by successful people. Unfortunately, we do not learn them in school or anywhere else. They have been so carefully hidden from the public eye that in a way they constitute secrets, and, like all big secrets, they are simple and well-known, but insufficiently affirmed and not generally applied in people’s lives. The purpose of this book is to reveal these secrets and principles to you. It is up to you to make a firm decision that you want to be successful and to apply the principles from this book in a disciplined and continuing manner until you achieve your own success. The more successful people we have, the more successful and prosperous we will be as a society, with everyone being much better off in each and every sphere. This book has arisen from this very desire that we all start creating success on individual, group and general social levels. Join the club !

When ?
The book was released on 22 July 2013, the publisher being Dobra Knjiga, Sarajevo.

How ?
The book is written in a way that motivates you to become successful and reveals to you step by step, in an easy and practical way, the 7 secrets of success, treating each secret as a separate unit. Each chapter starts with a short story, which should basically intrigue you and in a unique way introduce you to the secret at hand. Then the author discusses the relevance of the secret and explains how you can start practicing it in your daily life straight away. You have a surprise waiting for you at the beginning of the book, and a riddle, the solution to which is dramatically revealed in the part of the book titled Instead of Conclusions. It is for this reason that you can truly experience the book and its powerful messages only if you read it in its original form, for you best interest, several times.

Who ?
The author of the book, Dr Kenan Crnkić, is a renowned name in a broader business and academic community. You can find out more about the author, his work and achievements in the book or on this page, where you can visit, daily and free of charge, his very popular blog with useful quotes and positive and motivational ideas for your success, and participate in interesting and active discussions, whether directly or through popular social networks.

Where ?
You can buy the book at a very reasonable price online or in all well-equipped bookstores. Make sure to get your own copy !

We wish to encourage you, when you yourself will have felt the positive energy, enthusiasm, passion, motivation, the taste of success and personal accomplishment, to share the messages from this book, or, even better, the book itself, as a gift to your best friend, compatriot, spouse, child, neighbor, acquaintance and generally anyone to whom you wish the same that you wish for yourself – a happier, more fulfilled and, of course, more successful life in all arenas.

Achieve success and help others do the same !

Be the change you want to see around you !

Through this book, wish yourself and others good health, happiness, satisfaction, serenity, and, above all, success !